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A guide to help you stay connected, organized and productive while working from home or remotely!

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Work From Home

This e-book comprises of our first-hand experience of building a 100% digital business. It will give you insight into how to build remote work processes and work from anywhere efficiently and seamlessly! 

“Work From Home” might be new to some companies, but for us, it's a core aspect of our business!

~ Dilnawaz & Neha, Founder - Codesign Labs

What’s in this e-book

Make a shift now to a functional model that is incredibly simple and absolutely possible

Part #1

Best Practices

Learn the best practices in this part and go remote step-by-step.

Part #2

Essential Tools

Tools that will make your remote working easy and efficient.

Part #3

Working Methods

List of things that can help the transition become easier. 

Work from home has always been


In the beginning of 2020, who knew terms like Covid-19, Social Distancing, Quarantine and Work from Home would be phrases we would hear on a day-to-day basis. Safe to say, this screen keeps enough distance to deliver microscopic insights into what's happening around. Amidst the chaos that we are surrounded by, we know that the Coronavirus outbreak has shut down the market’s hopes like never before. And most of the businesses have been forced to adopt the work from home model.

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